Monday, February 6, 2012

February's Book: The Princess Bride

Thank you Susan for hosting a fun book club.  Now every time I see the game Qwertl (sp) I will think of you and the fun time we had playing this game...and Julie, who got like 12 Qwertl's.  So, our book for February is The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  Yes, it's just like the movie (probably) only more good stuff in it (at least I'm hoping).  We have a new system for book club which I'm kind of excited about.  It's always good to switch things up a bit.  A little spontaneity is a good's what you need to keep a marriage strong, and hopefully it will keep our book club going strong too.  Each book club we all put in the name of a book that we would like to read, then we choose from a hat/bowl, etc.  Whatever we choose will be the book for the month.  It's random and fun, and takes all the guess work out of who's turn it is to choose a book.

This month's book club will meet on Saturday February 25th at Heather Felix's home.  Time and directions will be posted on FB in the near future.  Happy Reading All!

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